Wanderlust Tee

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大小 XL
顏色 Sea Foam Green

“But mother I don’t want to grow up…”
Wanderlust aspires the fantasies, the desires of one’s naive, youthful and frivolous dreams; freeing from the responsibilities of one’s existence. This piece of oversized T-shirt features dropped shoulders, rounded ribbed neck, premium puff print graphic on the chest and back, patched tag on the back, and heavy weighted cotton to create a boxy, easy to wear outfit. 

  • Oversized Fit
  • Premium Puff Print Graphic
  • Patched Tag
  • Ribbed Neckline
  • Dropped Shoulders
  • Made in Taiwan


100% Cotton

290 GSM

Model is 178cm and 60kg wearing size M.

    This product uses cotton fabrics, the recommended cleaning methods are as follow:

    • Cotton clothing is alkali-resistant but not acid-resistant. Use ordinary detergent and soap when washing.
    • It is best to wash lightly by hand when washing. If you’re using a washing machine, use a laundry bag and wash at gentle level
    • It is best to use cold water to wash pure cotton clothes to preserve the original color.
    • Please separate dark-colored shirts from light-colored shirts when washing.
    • To prevent discoloration, please avoid using detergents with bleaching ingredients.
    • When drying clothes, insert the hanger from the bottom opening to the neckline so that it will not deform the neckline, or put it directly on the clothes rail or drying rack
    • Dryers are not recommended
    • Dry Wash is possible