Refund policy

Product Appreciation Period

According to the Consumer Protection Law, you have a 7-day product appreciation period (including holidays) starting from the arrival of the product in your hands. If you have a return request, please contact customer service within 7 days of receiving the product and provide information such as "name", "order number", "contact phone number", "name of the product to be returned or exchanged", "reason for return or exchange and photos". Customer service will assist you in processing the return or exchange after receiving the information. Late requests will not be accepted.

 "Appreciation period is not a trial period. The returned product must be in brand new condition and in its original, complete packaging" (including the product itself, accessories, gifts, warranty, original packaging (bags, boxes, paper), and all accompanying documents or materials). Please do not miss any accessories, and do not disassemble or damage the product yourself.

The original packaging is part of the product. Loss, damage, or missing parts may affect your right to return and may result in deductions for the necessary fees to restore the product to its original condition.

Products that have been opened, used, or lack completeness and lose their resale value will not be eligible for returns or refunds. To avoid affecting your right to return, please understand the above statement and ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for returns and refunds.

※ If you have received a paper invoice, please return it along with the "shopping invoice". Customer service email:

Return and Exchange Instructions

Returnable products must be unopened, unused, or not damaged by human factors such as dirt or malfunction, and must retain the complete original packaging (including outer packaging boxes). Returns will not be accepted in the following situations:

  1. Beyond the 7-day product appreciation period.
  2. The product has been opened, used, washed, or damaged due to human factors such as dirt, malfunction, damage, wear, scratches, or stains.
  3. Minor creases on the outer packaging box that do not affect the quality of the product itself.
  4. Incomplete or damaged packaging of returned products, or missing invoices or accessories.
  5. Malicious or large-scale returns.
  6. Returns requested due to personal factors, or refunds, if the same product is ordered again, no further returns or refunds can be requested.

Return Application Instructions

  1. To process a return and refund, please contact customer service on the website within 7 days of receiving the goods for assistance.

  2. When returning the product, please ensure that the packaging is complete to avoid damage to the product and original packaging during delivery, affecting your right to return.

  3. Please attach your name, mobile phone number, and order number to the return package for order inquiry.

  4. Starting from the day after the return application, it takes 15 working days. If we are unable to contact you or receive the product for return, the application will be automatically canceled and cannot be reapplied.

  5. The returned product must be in brand new condition and in its original, complete packaging (including the product itself, accessories, gifts, original packaging, and all accompanying documents and materials). The original packaging and outer box are part of the product. If there is any loss, damage, or missing parts, your right to return will be affected. If the product is not complete, it loses its resale value and cannot be returned (except for defective products).

  6. The processing time for returns and refunds is 5-10 working days.

Refund Process

  1. Contact customer service during the appreciation period and send the product back to our company (7F-1, No. 65, Songde Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City) after obtaining consent.
  2. After our company receives the product and confirms its completeness, the refund process can begin.
  3. The refund process will be completed within approximately 5-10 working days. Please provide your bank account number to our online customer service so that we can process the refund via bank transfer.
  4. If the returned product is not defective and the reason for the return is due to personal factors, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

Please note: The refund amount will be deducted for unmet free shipping or bundle discounts. If the product is returned due to personal factors, only the product price will be refunded, and the shipping fee charged during delivery will not be returned.

Refund Instructions

For credit card payments: After confirming a successful return, the refund will be credited directly to the original credit card account.

For cash on delivery payments: After confirming a successful return, the refund will be transferred to the bank account you provide.