Knit Sweater

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顏色 Beige

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Flowing Chords Knit Sweater 為Choir 第一款針織產品採用優質羊駝毛/羊毛混紡面料的產品。衣領和下擺羅紋採用更緊密的針織面料,剪裁的衣身長度和落肩設計營造出寬鬆且舒適的外觀。

  • 羊駝毛/羊毛混紡面料
  • 圓領設計
  • 針織衣領和下擺羅紋
  • Flowing Chords 限定織標

44%羊駝毛、31%尼龍、15%羊毛、10% 嫘縈




Choir’s first knitted product utilizes a high quality alpaca/wool blend fabric. A Tighter knit around the collar and end rib area, along with a cropped body length and dropped shoulder design creates a boxy fit look.

  • Alpaca/Wool Blend Fabric
  • Slightly Cropped Crewneck Fit
  • Heavy knitted Collar and end ribs
  • Collection exclusive visual logo patch

44% Alpaca, 31% Nylon, 15% Wool, 10% Viscose

Male Model is 183cm and 65kg wearing size M.

Female Model is 175cm and 48kg wearing size S.


    • 建議以乾洗的方式清洗,不可水洗
    • 晾衣服時,衣架由下方開口往領口塞,才不會將領口撐變形,或直接披在晾衣杆或曬衣架上
    • 建議衣物不要放進烘衣機

    This product uses wool fabrics, the recommended cleaning methods are as follow:

    • Dry Wash Only
    • When drying clothes, insert the hanger from the bottom opening to the neckline so that it will not deform the neckline, or put it directly on the clothes rail or drying rack
    • Dryers are not recommended