Retro Tunes Long Sleeve Tee

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大小 S
顏色 Driftwood

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Retro Tunes Long Sleeve Tee is designed based on our classic oversized T-Shirt. It serves as a piece of work that brings a vintage feel through the use of color and a variation of our iconic logo. Our oversized Long Tee  features dropped shoulders, rounded ribbed neck and cuffs, printed Retro Tunes Logo, and heavy weighted cotton to create a boxy, easy to wear outfit.

  • Oversized Fit
  • Printed Retro Tunes Logo
  • Ribbed Neckline
  • Ribbed Cuffs
  • Dropped Shoulders

100% Cotton

290 GSM

Model is 176cm and 62kg wearing size M.

• 棉衣物耐鹼不耐酸,洗滌時用普通洗衣粉、肥皂即可
• 洗滌時最好以手輕洗。如果使用洗衣機洗滌,可以使用洗衣袋然後用洗衣機的輕柔檔洗滌
• 洗滌棉衣物最好用使用冷水,以保原色澤。並將深顏色衫與淺顏色衫分開洗
• 建議不要用有漂白成份之洗滌劑,以免造成脫色
• 晾衣服時,衣架由下方開口往領口塞,才不會將領口撐變形,或直接披在晾衣杆或曬衣架上
• 建議衣物不要放進烘衣機 • 若可以,建議以乾洗的方式送洗