“A piece of music, a symphony, or an album, all starts with a basic music sheet; just as how a Dior jacket, a Louis sweater, a Gucci robe, all starts with a blank piece of fabric.”

It features ample space to showcase your imagery with Mosaic, Image with text, and Slideshow sections ... and even this Rich Text section itself.

Despite the talents of an artist, the ideas of a designer, a vision of an avant-garde, the indispensable element is a blank canvas for them to create upon of; Choir SS21 serves solely for that purpose.

Prelude NEUTRALS serves to create timeless apparels through the most delicately designed cuts and the highest quality of fabrics that would stand the test of time both physically, and aesthetically.

CHOIR, with purposes to inspire creativity and individuality, introduces, Prelude NEUTRALS, a collection of blank essential clothings.