Wanderer Socks Pack

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Wanderer Socks 一組兩雙,採用訂製染色米白紗線,銀色繡線刺繡Logo,以及純棉毛巾底提升穿搭舒適度。

  • 一組兩雙
  • 訂製染色米白紗線
  • 銀色繡線CHOIR刺繡
  • 純棉毛巾底
  • 100% 純棉
  • 台灣製造

Wanderer Socks Pack features custom beige yarn, embroidered logo with silver thread, and 100% cotton terry for premium comfort. 2 Pairs per pack.

  • 2 Pairs Per Pack
  • Custom Beige Yarn
  • Embroidered Logo with Silver Thread
  • 100% Cotton Terry
  • Made In Taiwan


• 棉衣物耐鹼不耐酸,洗滌時用普通洗衣粉、肥皂即可
• 洗滌時最好以手輕洗。如果使用洗衣機洗滌,可以使用洗衣袋然後用洗衣機的輕柔檔洗滌
• 洗滌棉衣物最好用使用冷水,以保原色澤。並將深顏色衫與淺顏色衫分開洗
• 建議不要用有漂白成份之洗滌劑,以免造成脫色
• 晾衣服時,衣架由下方開口往領口塞,才不會將領口撐變形,或直接披在晾衣杆或曬衣架上
• 建議衣物不要放進烘衣機
• 若可以,建議以乾洗的方式送洗

This product uses cotton fabrics, the recommended cleaning methods are as follow:

• Cotton clothing is alkali-resistant but not acid-resistant. Use ordinary detergent and soap when washing.
• It is best to wash lightly by hand when washing. If you’re using a washing machine, use a laundry bag and wash at gentle level
• It is best to use cold water to wash pure cotton clothes to preserve the original color.
• Please separate dark-colored shirts from light-colored shirts when washing.
• To prevent discoloration, please avoid using detergents with bleaching ingredients.
• When drying clothes, insert the hanger from the bottom opening to the neckline so that it will not deform the neckline, or put it directly on the clothes rail or drying rack
• Dryers are not recommended
• Dry Wash is possible